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The Salzburg Museum loans its objects to museums and cultural institutions that avail of a suitable specialist exhibition infrastructure and expert personnel. The Salzburg Museum loans exhibits to recognised (non-commercial) research facilities for scholarly purposes (separate agreement).

Loan requests are to be sent in written form to

Salzburg Museum GmbH
FAO Director Dr. Martin Hochleitner
Mozartplatz 1, 5010 Salzburg

For information in advance please contact the relevant collection directors.
The loan request must contain the following specifications:

Borrower: name, address, supervisory person
Contact: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (curator/contact person)
Exhibition title and project description
Exhibition duration Exhibition location: exact address (facility report)
List of the required objects: title, artist, material/technique, inventory number

Processing period
Loan requests must be made at the latest six months before the exhibition starts.
Short-term requests are not processed, for reasons of organisation. The loan contract is drawn up by the Salzburg Museum.

Reasons for rejection
- Own use
- Reasons of conservation 
- non-fulfilment of museum standards

Preventive and protective measures

The loan of objects bears with it increased hazards for every item. In order to minimise all risks (climate, humidity etc. at the exhibition site or through transport), the restorers of the Salzburg Museum define the condition of the requested object and decide on further conservation and restoration measures and on special transport or exhibition conditions (climate, humidity, light, etc.) and so forth.

The transport of the loan from lender to borrower and back shall be performed by a recognised art shipping company at the cost of the borrower:
e.g. >Kunsstrans, >MuseumsPartner>hsart or >SchenkerArt (D)
The commissioning of the shipping firm is done by the borrower, but requires the consent of the Salzburg Museum.  
The transport of loans can also be performed in exceptional cases by employees of Salzburg Museum GmbH (self-transport subject to a fee).

All loans are insured by Salzburg Museum GmbH at the cost of the borrower. The insurance value is set by the Salzburg Museum.


The Salzburg Museum places suitable, high-definition image data at the disposal of the borrower at their request and cost and grants the borrower the right to the appropriately performed reproduction of the loans in the exhibition catalogue. Furthermore, the image data may be used for press operations/advertising in the context of the exhibition and for educational purposes in the context of the exhibition. >Photograph orders 

General exhibition conditions

The general exhibition conditions for loans of the Salzburg Museum form part of the loan contract. Specifically, it should be noted that the assembly of framed objects shall be performed with the track&slide system used by the Salzburg Museum. This hanging system must also be taken over by the borrower; the costs incurred will be forwarded to the borrower.


For loaning objects from the Salzburg Museum inventory, the following costs are to be borne by the borrower: 

– Insurance for the duration of stay and the arriving and return transport of the loans

– Any costs incurred for conservation or restoration measures

– Packaging for arriving and return transport

– Transport, couriers

– Assembly and constructional aids (e.g. track&slide hanging system for paintings, graphics, etc.)

Before signing the contract, the borrower receives an overview of the occurring costs and must confirm assumption of the costs in written form. 

Salzburg Museum GmbH shall endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible for the borrower. It is pointed out that Salzburg Museum GmbH does not charge any loan fees!

Salzburg Museum